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Do you need a poker school?

Poker school will allow you to master the basics of the card game and delve into the study of strategies. But do you need to spend money on it? Or can you do it on your own? What types of schools are there? Let's try to understand the nuances in this material.

What types of poker schools are there?

Everyone can mean something of their own by the school of poker. But one can single out two main groups:

  • Paid vocational schools. As a rule, these are online courses in which a professional poker player will teach you how to play. Additional quality materials for the study and assignments to be completed will be offered. This is a more serious approach to mastering the game, which will bring results faster;
  • Free schools. Some sites offer a slightly different learning format: you will get acquainted with poker materials, the first steps in mastering the game. In fact, you will be offered a list of materials (not always of high quality in content) on which you can learn to play. There will be no teachers.

Which option should you choose?

If you are just starting your career and do not quite understand the rules, it is better to find a free school. Master the theoretical materials and play in the rooms at low limits - this will be enough for the first weeks of the game. Until you have decided for yourself whether it is worth taking poker seriously, you should not pay money for training. A common situation when a player has already completed half of the paid course, and then only realized that poker is not for him.

Paid courses are suitable for those who have already decided for themselves that they will play poker professionally. Or at least he intends to make money in this way. This is enough motivation to carefully work in all lessons with a trainer and master all the proposed material.

Author's poker schools

Some professional players run their own poker schools. They include those who know about the career of the school's founder and are ready to trust him. Moreover, it is not necessary that the author of the technique will work with you. It is possible that he already has methodologists who have mastered the method of preparation.

Often in such schools there are several levels of education - basic, advanced, in-depth.

Courses for beginners

New players can find different courses for learning poker. Here are just a few of them:

  • How to manage your bankroll;
  • What are the strategies for making profit at low limits;
  • How to choose the type of poker and room to play;
  • Features of the distribution of Texas Hold'em: preflop, flop, turn and river.

What can a professional poker school give?

Players will be able to master some important tools for a successful game:

  • Mathematical analysis of the probabilities of winning. Working with statistics;
  • Analysis of the game. Professionals will review your giveaways and identify problems;
  • Technique. Table behaviors that will lead to profits;
  • Poker philosophy. Deeper knowledge that will teach you about the game in a special way. This will allow you to approach learning more thoroughly and build a career based on new principles.

Not everyone needs a poker school, but if you decide to play at a high level, you should think about studying in it.

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