What is showdown in poker and its features


Showdown in poker is an important moment, because that's when it is decided who wins the hand. Showdown is a showdown. Most often it comes to this if the players equalized the rates at the last stage of the trade.

Showdown in poker is the face-down of cards. Then all opponents can see what cards were in your hand. Moreover, in modern casinos and poker rooms there are established showdown rules:

  • All poker players at the table should see what cards you were holding. If the player tries to hide one of them or “accidentally” drops it, the showdown is not counted;
  • The dealer (or the computer in the case of playing online) will determine who has the best hand. And he will distribute the bankroll according to the rules of the game in a particular type of poker;
  • As a rule, the poker player who managed to collect the strongest combination will receive the entire pot. But there are other options for distributing the pot (the combinations may be equal, or the player could have gone all-in on the flop, and other players continued to bet on the turn and river).

What can affect showdown?

In the event that in the distribution at the last stage of the bidding, the opponents equalized the rates, there are certain rules for showing the cards by the players. The first to do this will be those who made the last raise.

But if no one made a bet on the river, but made a check, then the first to show the cards at showdown will be the player who is to the left of the button. Then the players show the cards in turn.

If the poker player decided to go all-in, he is obliged to show his cards to his opponents. If all the players have bet all their money, they open their cards and the dealer, without bidding, lays out cards on the flop, turn and river. 

The showdown will end the moment the last player at the table, who expects to receive a win, reveals his cards.

What is the best approach to the last stage in the distribution?

Even if you have great chances of winning and you are almost sure of winning, it is better not to give out your emotions to the last. Moreover, you should not give out your emotions even if you are almost sure of failure. Be imperturbable in any situation - this way rivals will not be able to read you and will not make a decision that is unfavorable for you at the last moment.

How to properly approach a poker showdown

How to learn how to competently approach showdown?

To quickly learn how to correctly and optimally complete hands, you need to learn basic strategies. Perhaps in a particular game it will be most profitable not to bring the matter to the showdown at all. How to do it?

There are two options that can happen in a hand:

  • You can fold your cards at any time. Then you don't have to open them. But in this case, you will lose all the money invested and will not be able to compete for a bankroll;
  • Or you can be alone at the table until showdown. This is not a bad option and is not easy to achieve. You will need to place a bet that your opponents will not support.

To learn basic strategies, you can use the following teaching methodologies:

  • Read literature. There are many books for beginners in the world of poker, which can be used to master the basic techniques in the card game;
  • Follow the professionals. You can, for example, watch how major tournaments are going. Another option is to follow the online broadcasts of famous poker players;
  • Educational videos. Look for channels that talk about poker secrets - there is enough content like this on Youtube.

Now you know what a showdown is in poker - you just have to reach the last stage with good cards and win money at the tables of rooms or casinos.


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