New incentive system from Pokerdom


Pokerdom introduced the 100 Steps to a Million incentive program, which has become even more profitable. The room has excluded all "zeroing" of levels on Mondays. Now you can simply to play poker, and receive generous prizes for the next level that can be exchanged for real money. 

After passing the last level, players will receive a special prize - a chance to win 1 million rubles. Everyone who reaches the final level will receive a guaranteed gift in the form of a ticket to the Sochi Poker Festival Main Event!

Winnings for reaching levels

Achievement winnings from Pokerdom

The new program runs from October 5th. All poker room users start from the starting level (zero). 1 ruble of rake equals 1 point. When a certain amount of points is reached, the player moves to a new level, receiving monetary rewards for completing the previous one. The user chooses the size of the prize himself. To do this, he is offered to turn over one of the hidden cards, on each of which the winning amount is written.

All poker players who have passed the final level become privileged participants. Until the end of the program, they will be regularly credited with an increased cashback - 25%.

Special tables

Special tables Pokerdom

Now the poker room has tables with the "Accelerated points gain" sticker. Bonuses for them with increased odds. Thus, the sticker “+ 25%” means that there are 10 rubles at the table. rake equals 12.5 points.

Important information

  1. The incentive program begins at 5.10 am at 02:59 am Moscow time. Winnings for the past week are accrued in accordance with the previously established conditions.
  2. After the end of the "Freebie at Pokerdom" action, Windfall "Freebie Va-Bank" will be turned off for 24 hours. Tickets are exchanged for rubles based on the following calculation: 1 ticket = 5 rubles.
  3. From 5.10, from 3 am to 12 pm, all users of the poker room will be automatically entered into the list of participants "100 Steps to a Million".
  4. It is possible that the incentive system can be terminated when one hundred or more poker players reach the last level. Such an outcome is possible only after 14.01.
  5. In 100 Steps to a Million, the levels are not discarded.
  6. To reach the final level from the zero level, you need to collect 1,000,000 bonuses.
  7. On average, the cashback of a user who has reached the last level is 25.3%.
  8. Active users who have played over 5000 rubles. rake, go to the "Time Machine" rakeback program (optional).


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