Features of playing poker with a modest bankroll


If you intend to play poker with a minimum deposit, choose the room with the lowest deposit threshold. Micro-stakes play is where most beginners start their poker career. But is it worth starting your acquaintance with the game with such a modest bankroll and why is it dangerous? You will learn about this from our review.

Why do players create minimum deposits?

Small deposit in the rooms

More than 90% novice players replenish their gaming account for the minimum amount, which is prescribed in the rules of the room. It usually ranges from 5-10$. There may be several reasons for creating such a modest deposit:

  • Caution - players check the room to see if it is easy to make a cashout after winning;
  • Lack of funds - some people simply cannot afford to invest heavily in the game;
  • Testing - the poker player looks around and tries to understand how many recreational players are in the room, what is the quality of the software and technical support.

Bankroll management is one of the most important aspects that players who create minimum deposits do not take into account. A modest bankroll limits the possibilities in the game, which later becomes one of the key reasons for losing.

What is bankroll management?

bankroll management

Poker accounting is one of the most important parts of theory, which is often overlooked. That is why even world-famous poker players sometimes find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy. To build a successful poker career, you need to learn the golden rule of finance:

The player must have a cash reserve for the game - a bankroll that allows him to play comfortably at the selected limit.

The size of the optimal poker capital depends on many nuances:

  • Types of poker;
  • Game format;
  • The type of bets.

For example, in No-Limit Texas hold'em the bankroll must be sufficient for at least 50 buy-ins. Let's say that you plan to sit at a 2$ table. In this case, you must have at least 100$ at your disposal.

What are the risks of ignoring bankroll management?

cash reserve for the game - bankroll

Players who choose to ignore poker bookkeeping lose their money in 90% cases. With a modest capital, you can lose chips in just a few hands. And there are several reasons for this:

  • Banal bad luck - some of the participants at the table can run over your Full-How or even Kara;
  • Making a mistake - miscalculation in the game will lead to the loss of money.

Experienced players rely on long-term profit, not momentary success. It should be borne in mind that it is extremely difficult to play profitably from early positions. So the player must be mentally prepared for negative games with MB and BB.

Lack of money during the game causes:

  • Excessive caution and poor decision making;
  • A scanty profit even if the distribution with All-in is won;
  • Impossibility of realization of mathematical expectation due to a short session.

All these factors lead to stack losses, which is why beginners quickly become frustrated with the game. And some accuse poker rooms of dishonesty and "tweaked" RNG.

Rooms with minimum deposits

pokerdom - a room with a minimum deposit

Minimum deposits are only justified if the poker room is tested. If you want to "break through" the situation and understand what the field strength is, the conditions for verifying the profile and cashout, then replenish your account with the minimum possible amount.

The poker rooms with the lowest deposit threshold include:

PokerMatch is a room with the lowest deposit threshold, which is ideal for players from Ukraine and other CIS countries. But please note that the minimum possible replenishment amount may vary depending on the choice of the payment system. And in some poker rooms, a start-up deposit bonus is credited when the account is replenished by a certain amount.

If you want to play poker with a minimum deposit, register in any of your favorite rooms!