888 Poker Gift Drops freerolls - tickets and other prizes for players


A new promotion has been launched in the 888poker poker room, within which every day is organized several freerolls Gift Drops. Freeroll prize pools are $ 200-1090, and on the last day of the week they increase to $ 5,000. Poker players can take part in them until February 9th.

The meaning of the promotional offer is that once every 10 seconds poker players playing at cash tables in Snap, Blast, MTT receive prizes. Both real money and Blast tickets worth up to a thousand dollars can be won. In most cases, poker players are issued tickets that can be spent in Gift Drops freerolls.

Freeroll schedule

Gift Drops freerolls can be divided into 3 types:

  • Free access;
  • With ticket access;
  • Closed Freerolls with a ticket draw for Blast.

Poker players who do not have a ticket can take part in 2 freerolls every day:

  • The first one starts at 9:00 Moscow time and has a prize pool of $ 300.
  • The second freeroll starts at 2:00 and has a prize pool of $ 200.

On the last day of the week, at 23:05, a freeroll with a prize pool of $ 5,000 starts.

It is possible to spend tickets that drop out for a game of poker in daily freerolls, which start at:

  • 15:00 - the prize fund is $ 500;
  • 17:00 - $ 500;
  • 22:00 - $ 500;
  • 00:00 - $ 1090.
$ 500 Gift Drops Freerolls

The Wheel of Fortune, which can be spun daily, will drop tickets for 2 more freerolls. One of them starts at 19 o'clock, has a prize fund of $ 200. The second one has the same prize fund, but starts at 20 o'clock. Remember that the promotional offer is available only for those poker players who have replenished the balance on the site at least once. By depositing money into the balance, the player can enter the bonus code to make the weekly private freeroll available.