Jon Arne Risse: from football to poker


This name is familiar to anyone who is at least superficially interested in English football. Despite his clearly Scandinavian name, fans will remember Jon Arne Risse as a Liverpool player who, after leaving the big field, decided to devote himself not to a coaching career, but to continue playing - but not in football.

Risse is now the advertising and PR official of the game operator Betsson in his native Norway. This cooperation began more than seven years ago, and judging by the fact that neither side intends to interrupt it, it is taking place on mutually beneficial terms.


Despite the fact that Betsson is not one of the world's giants, the company has taken its place in the TOP-20 online gambling operators for a long time. To a large extent, this is facilitated by the attraction of famous people to promote the brand, among whom, of course, Riesse should be considered the most recognizable.

Jon himself recently decided to move to a new level of relations and from passive representation of Betsson moved to an independent game under its auspices. Despite the lack of serious poker experience, Risse has already managed to register in several competitions, and in one of the series, Irish Poker, even managed to break into the run-ups of one of the $600 tournaments and earn 18 thousand dollars.

This success inspired the former footballer - giving an interview on the occasion of his second place, Risse said that he was very pleased with his cooperation with Betsson. Thanks to this, he can travel the world, meet new people, enjoy the game itself and be in demand - what else does a retired footballer need to be happy?


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